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US $5-8 / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces for orthopedic rehabilitation aids (Min. Order)
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Month for orthopedic rehabilitation aids
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Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Magic Back Support
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orthopedic rehabilitation aids
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orthopedic rehabilitation aids
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Hi tech plastic
Gift box
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2 weeks after payment
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Packaging Details
Packing details of orthopedic rehabilitation aids:
Gift box, 10pcs/ctn, carton size: 53*41*33cm, 9.5/8.5kgs
Delivery Time
2 weeks after payment


orthopedic rehabilitation aids
1)Made of high tech plastic
2)Adjustable design, easy to assemble
3)Relieving back pain

orthopedic rehabilitation aids


Low Back Pain has been described as a 20th century epidemic. 

The reasons for a bad back vary from slouching over a computer keyboard and sitting on an uncomfortable office chair to lifting heavy objects or overusing muscles during a weekend softball game.

Our sedentary jobs and lifestyle make us vulnerable to damage. Too much time in front of the TV, not enough exercise, poor posture and poor sleeping habits all weaken muscles. Weak muscles, especially abdominal muscles, cannot support the spine properly.

Now, to relieve back pain, we design a new products –magic back support.


Our patents in China and Europe

  • Europe Patent:  002009282-0001
  • China Patent(D):  201130305026.4  
  • China Patent(T):  ZL201120378940.6

  • US Patent: 464077


Magic Back Support helps to:

  • Relieve fatigue and pain in shoulder and back
  • Improve flexibility in shouder and back muscle
  • Correct postural imbalances
  • Restore the natural back curvature
  • Stimulate blood circulation and alleviate insomnia

  • Adjustable Design
  • Simple installation of top piece into base
  • Care: wipe with a damp cloth
  •  Five years limited warranty under normal use with manufacturer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



How to use  Magic Back Support ?

  • Adjustable to 3 different levels for optimum stretching, it includes the standard smooth top as well as the new trigger point massage top, which simulates the effects of trigger point massage

  • Level one: Provides least amount of stretch for beginner, Measures 2-3/4" in height from the floor.

  • Level two: Provides greater amount of stretch for advanced users, Measures 3-1/2" in height from the floor.

  • Level three: Provides maximum stretch for advanced users, Measures 4-1/4" in height from the floor.

  • Five minutes twice a day.

  • It is suitable for chair and car seat as well.


Magic Back Support  Includes:

  • 1 *English instruction manual
  • 1*DVD
  • 1*Belt



Product size:            

Top piece: 38*25.3*1.1cm 

Base: 38.5*25.3*2.1cm                 

Packing method:   Gift box                   
Gift box size:40*25.5*6.5cm                      
Carton size:53*41*33cm
20' container:3300pcs
40' container:6600pcs
HQ 40' container:7920pcs


FAQ of Magic Back Support


  1. What is the Magic Back Support?

 The back support is a convenient and easy-to -use treatment and preventative product.

  People of all ages and occupations can enjoy the product. It have a good effective on reducing back   

 pain,improving posture and enhancing flexibility.


  1. What features make the Magic Back Support different from other back stretching devices  

 • multi-level design and three gears adjustment allows a person to work up to a greater stretch 

 • convenient to assemble and disassemble,used in anywhere,such as office,home,sofa and car.
 • convenient to carry, put into any small travel bag or handbag.relax yourself when you have a long  

   trip by plane.


  1. How long will it take for me to have an good effect?
      • The Magic Back Support can relieve muscle tension in several minutes.  
      • While some users will have effect immediately, it maybe take several weeks for others.
      • They key is to insist on using the back support  following the specification we have provided.


4.How much the load-bearing is when lie on the back support.

   110KG or 250LBS


5.Can we use the level 2 or level 3 when use the support first time?

     Advise to use level 1 at first,adjust to level 2 when adapt level 1,adjust to level 3 when adapt  

     level 2.


6.How to solve the assembly tolerance when adjust to level 1 after use level 2 and level 3,

   Turn the panel and fold in half and then assemble well. 


  1. If we can use the other side of massage,magnetic and acupressure instead of flat panel?

   Do not recommend this,because will shorten service life when using the other side. 


8.Could I use the back support if my waist has a problem.

   You had better consult to a doctor.


  1. what is the size of back support?



10.what is the size of color box?





  1. How many supports is in one carton normally?

      10PCS in one carton,the carton size is 53*41*27cm,GW/NW:9.5/8.5KG.


  1. How many model do you have and what feature each size is ?

     We have four size support,the detail is as below:

     Flat size:item No.:MBS-010A,have a good effective on relieving back or

                        waist pain,correcting posture and softening waist.

     Massage size:item No.:MBS-010B,add the massage function on the base of MBS- 


     Magnetic size:item No.:MBS-010C,add the magnet function on the base of MBS-010B.

     Acupressure size:item No.:MBS-010D,add Chinese acupuncture  function on the base of  



  1. If the back of the hardness can customize according to customer's request? If  

   you can, how to do?

   The back of the hardness can customize according to user age and weight.We  

   have three different hardness now,youth size,adult size and old people size. 


  1. How long the MBS guarantee?

   5 years in normal usage.


  1. I felt quite pain when I used acupressure support,how to solve it?

   It is natural reaction, you can put fabric on the support to relieve pain. 


  1. Use the support five mins everyday what marked on the color box,if it can be used more     

     than five mins.

     We suggest to use five minutes a day, but because everyone different characteristics,  

     some people feel very comfortable and want to lie more time, but should not be more  

     than thirty minutes each time.


  1. Some one is also selling your back support in our market,put the price to low 

   and affect our sales, what do you have to do?

   Thank you to tell us these information, could you send some detail to us, such as 

   online sales or in the store? We will send these information to our Marketing 

   Department ASAP, our marketing colleagues will contact them to solve this 

   problem ASAP.


  1. How to become the product unique agency in our country ?

   Thank you very much for your interesting in our back support and the market  

   optimistic in future.The conditions of becoming agent is as follows:

   A.Please provide your sales channel, How long do you work in this kind of  

     physical therapy products? 

   B.Please do some research to forecast the annual sales qty in your market.

   C.we cooperate with each other for testing marketing at the first year, if  

     Your sales volume meet our minimum qty, our market and legal colleagues   

     will sign a formal agreement for exclusive sales with you.


  1. Are the back support designed by yourselves?,Which patents do you have?

     We have developed 4 size supports,you can check in our website  

     www.magicbacksupport.com . We have EU,Chinese and US patent.Magic back support 

      is our brand.Patens Number as below.

       •Europe Patent:  002009282-0001

  •China Patent(D):  201130305026.4  

  •China Patent(T):  ZL201120378940.6

  •US Patent: 404677


  1. Which countries the supports are sale well?

     US and European area.


  1. If English can be changed into other characters in your video.

   The character can be changed into other character,but the sound in video is 

   still English,difficult to be changed.


 22.How many languages do you have in specification?

      Total nine languages:Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish,

      Portuguese, Japanese, Korean.


  1. What is the MOQ when print with our logo on product and color boxes.

     1000PCS each size at least.


  1. How much the other cost will increase when less than MOQ?

   Please indicate the specific quantity, our cost accountant will work out the cost for you


25.What is the MOQ when make other colors?

     2000PCS each size each color.


26.How much the other cost will increase when less than MOQ?

     Please indicate the specific quantity, our cost accountant will work out the cost for you


27. When do you delivery to us after receipt the order?

      The delivery time is up to purchase qty and storage,the capacity is about 

      50000 PCS every month.If purchase 500PCS,will ship to you 7 days after 

      receipt of your payment.


28.Can I book a order if less than MOQ 500PCS?

     It’s ok, but the price will be higher, please indicate specific quantity, we  

     will work out accurate price to you.


29.I don't like your color box, can I change into white box?

     You are welcome.


30.I'm very interested in your products, we can buy a sample at first?

    Thank you for your interested in our products, can you tell us your specific 

    address? we can work out accurate cost to you.


  1. I know other manufacturers produce the same support with you, their price is much  

     lower than you, why your price is more expensive?

    This product is a physical therapy products, high security,made of specific  

    virgin materials, folded in half will not be broken, the actual maximum 

    load-bearing is 1.2 tons.We have CE certificate; Meanwhiles we also have the 

    patent of this product, has been for the record in China customs. The record 

    number is

32.Could I buy two panels one time?

   Of course,if add the other C panel, the cost increase $2.0, if add A, B, D panel,  

   The cost will increase $1.5.


33.What function the NBR in the panel is ?

   This is our second generation product, add NBR foam,  massage the 

   spine and as a pillow for spine.The NBR foam can also 

   be removed if you don't like ,we also have heat or cold spinal pillow 

   spontaneously .


  1. I'm customer from southeast Asia, color boxes are easily broken in transport, can you     

     send some color boxes for free?

     The quality of our color box and carton is very good, will not be damaged in transport, if 

    you have any need, we can provide 3% free color box to you.

  1. The back support is our new product, I place a small order, if you can send to other    

     factory for loading container together.

     That’s ok,please tell me your address and if we should clear customs.

     If that the price is a little low.


36.I'm from Nigeria , I don't need color box, could you give me lower price?

     We can show lower price to you, please indicate specific quantity, we will 

     work out accurate price to you.


  1. I am from foreign company in guangzhou office, we want to buy your back support, I  

     can pay RMB for you? 

    You can! Could you need us to clear customs for you?


 38.I already place an order to you, If you can send AI files to us, because we need to design box of our own 

           I have AI file, will put the description and color box of AI files into dropbox, and then send an email to you, please remember to download.


 39.we want to print “MADE IN CHINA” at the bottom of support.

     No problem


 40.Is the logo printing technique silk-screen,can the logo be wiped off?

      It is silk-screen,always keep clear when wiped by alcohol and water


41.What certificate do you have?

     CE and RoHS

42.If we can use more than one color to print the logo.

We suggest single color printing, it looks more clear. Suggest black LOGO 

printed on the white panel, white LOGO printed on the black panel.


43. How much area the logo is ?

      It is about 7.1*2.3cm,we suggest the size of logo is smaller than 6.05*1.7cm.


44.how to ensure the quality of the back support at first purchasing?

We will arrange QC colleague to inspect before shipment, and will provide 

quality inspection report and detail photo to you. You can arrange the third party to  

inspect in our factory. 



45.If I can buy back support alone,do not need color box or accessories.

    Ok, please indicate specific quantity, we will work out accurate price to you.


46.Our order is about 500PCS but we want to print our barcode on the color box.

    It is ok,we suggest to put the stickers on the boxes.


 47.The panel is curving when in the base for a long time,how to recover it?

      Fold the panel in half several time,or turn and put the panel into panel.It will be recover after 10 




For more information about our orthopedic rehabilitation aids,You can also contact us directly 


  • 5 years limited warranty under normal use and proper store.
  • If any question, please freely contat us through the following information, we promise to respond within 24 hours